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Sim racing games you should check out

Racing video games have been around since the 70s, that is, if you’d call arcade games video games. They have been popular then and continue to have a steady incline of new players. Nowadays, the simulation racing games available come in many varieties with different styles and different stories. We’ve compiled this list of a few sim racing games that are known to be fun and worth playing.

Formula 1 series

To get the obvious one out of the way, we first have formula 1. This video game series dates back to 2000 and has plenty of versions out. The latest version of the series F1 2021, and the newest one F1 2022 will be coming out later in the year. This game is modeled after the Formula 1 championships and uses the real-life racers as the characters for the game. Not only does the game focus on the racing in F1 but also the behind-the-scenes business off the track.

The Crew 2

This racing game has an open world so you’re able to roam freely around the United States, though it’s more scaled down. The first version of the game was only available to play online, for this reason, people preferred the second version which is available offline. Not only can you control cars, but you can also control planes, boats, and motorcycles. There are several ways of driving and racing, those ways being off-road, street racing, pro racing, and free style.


With its initial release in 2008, this racing simulation game simulates real world cars, tracks, racing events, and it implements the rules of conduct that are in actual racing events. The main focus of this game is racing, with a very realistic view of the cockpit of the race car. The developers of the game have partnerships with many racing organizations, most notably Nascar.


With sim racing games like these, gamers prefer using the proper equipment to play the game. Due to these games being primarily racing-based, having a setup that closely resembles a cockpit in a racecar is very useful to get the most out of the simulation experience. Getting racing equipment like the ones Sim-Lab has is definitely a personal decision, though it’s a decision that many gamers recommend.