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Upload your own PDF’s at PDFroom.com

We provide an giant database full of uploaded PDF’s by our users. It is very easy to upload your own pdf, and use our website to distribute your PDF files to other people or online! First let us tell you something about the history of pdf’s.

The Portable Document Format (or PDF) was created in the early 1990s by Adobe Systems. PDF was developed to share documents among computer users of disparate platforms. It remained a proprietary format until it was released as an open standard in 2008. In the early years before the rise of the World Wide Web and HTML, PDF was popular mainly in desktop publishing workflows. The International Organization for Standardization Committee of volunteer industry experts is responsible for PDF’s standardization. Our service has been mostly used to upload free comic books to our database. Comic books are really popular, and we also like to read them ourselves!

Wide variety of PDFs

During the last few months our database has grown with loads of different PDF’s and PDF categories. We currently have 42 categories, and some categories also contain subcategories. Our Comic books category currently has 9 subcategories. One of the latest popular categories, is the Investment books pdf category. This category contains pdf’s about investments in specific countries, bit also in specific financial products.

We are aware that all of the pdf’s we have to offer, already can be found on the internet. However we provide you with a clean and quick website experience, so you can enjoy the content without having to click through a ton of pages. Also we focused on giving you a quick website experience, by improving the website speed and the source code. We hope you enjoy pdfroom.com, and use it to upload PDF’s that you would like to share with the world!

Please also have a look at our forum, and if you want, leave your suggestions there for our community!