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How Long range RFID leads to better safety

When you have an area such as a gated community, there will be restricted access. Not anyone can just come in and out whenever they please because that may bring potential harm to those living in the gated community. We don’t live in those times in the past where people felt comfortable leaving there doors unlocked and windows open. Now we know better, and danger can be at any corner. And as safe as these gated communities are, things can always be improved. One of those aspects is access control, one or two security guards or key passes are flawed was to control the access of people in a gated community. A great solution to strengthen this aspect in security is the long range RFID system. Allow us to explain.


What exactly is a long range RFID

The long range RFID is a technological system that uses radio frequencies to be able to identify many things, in this case it would be vehicles. To explain further, we’ll need to tell you about the most important components that make up the system. These components includes the reader, the tag, and the antenna. The reader and the antenna both work closely together and the tag is what needs to be attached to the vehicles. If you need to have automatic access to the gated community, you will attach the long range RFID tag to your vehicle. The long range RFID reader and antenna will be attached to the entrances and exits of the gated community. 


How the long range RFID works

When your car reaches a certain distance of the entrance or exit, the tag will send a signal which will be picked up by the antenna and registered by the reader. The gates will then automatically open. Any car that does not have a long range RFID tag, they won’t have access automatically and will have to be evaluated before being permitted to enter. This will not only make any security guard’s job easier, but security over all will be improved quite a lot.


The advantages of long range RFID 

If you live in a gated community and don’t have proper access control, you can suggest for your gated community to implement using this system. Here are some advantages it will bring.

  • Way better and stronger security. Anyone with negative intentions won’t be able to enter the gated community as easy as they could with this system. 

  • Because the gates will open automatically for you, you won’t need to slow down and stop in order to enter the gated community. No more congestion and no more waiting.