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Which cleaning products do you use for your home?

Cleaning, not everyone is a fan of it. Some may cry when they hear the word cleaning, while others are dancing around the house vacuuming or singing with a mop in hand. Whether you like cleaning or not, it is important to use the right products for your home. Not all products are suitable, which is why we have listed what to look for when buying cleaning products for your home.


  1. Look at the material of your house

Each house is different, one house has the entire first floor covered with tiles, the other is full of wooden planks. What is especially important when shopping for cleaning products is that you look at what kind of materials you have in your home. 


You have dutch cleaning products that are only suitable for tiles and not for wood floors. There is nothing more annoying than cleaning your wooden floor with the wrong product. This can create stains, scratches, and scuffs. Of course, this can also happen the other way around. So it is important to check which products are suitable for your home.  


  1. Check what ingredients are in the products

When you then look for products that are suitable for the materials in your home, it does not mean that if it says cleaning product for tiles, it is also good for your floor. If you really want to know if that product is good for your floor, you need to do some more research. 


Read carefully what ingredients are in the product. Are there no corrosive substances in it that could cause your floor to discolor? You might not think about that, but it is extremely annoying that you think you are using the right product, and it still doesn’t work properly and even makes things worse. Check the product descriptions on Dutch Expat Shop to make sure you’re getting the right stuff!


  1. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning

To find out which product really cleans your home well, you especially need to try a lot. You have to do a lot of cleaning to find out if the products do what they say. It may well be that the fourth product really gives the results you want. So clean up!


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