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Personalize audio cables to your liking

Every music system deserves fitting audio cables and connecting cables, such as SpeakON cables which you can buy at a specialist. Sometimes, however, you want something more personal to make sure everyone knows that the materials are yours. This is ideal when you often rent out equipment to other music lovers. At LivePower in Brussels they know a thing or two about cables and they offer a service to personalize their cables.

How can you label your cables?

Do you want to buy an audio cable, like the famous SpeakON cables, and immediately get them personalized? Then you should definitely check out what these experts in audio and video cables can do for you. They are able to assign codes and colors to their top quality products, which will keep on working for many years to come. By coding them you will be able to sort them more easily. Do you prefer sorting cables by length or signal type? The choice is yours. When you choose the custom cables, you can also label them thanks to the service that LivePower offers. Putting your name on the cables might be an obvious choice, so if you want to be original you can personalize them with your own logo. This way you can be sure that no one takes them by mistake.

Make an account for your designs

Did you choose a nice design for the audio cables from SpeakON that you want to buy? Then don’t forget to make an account on their website. If you ever need new cables because you want to expand your collection, you can easily pick the same design again. If you are not sure what cables or design you want, you can always ask the experts by calling them or stopping by their store in Brussels. They will gladly help you with picking the perfect one for you.