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Of course, you want the best shipbuilding software

Shipbuilding naturally takes a lot of time. To make this more efficient you should be using CADMATIC’s shipbuilding software. This software will not only improve the quality but also save a lot of time during the design, engineering and production process. Try out this software for yourself and explore the intuitive software that allows you to automate routine tasks. The best part? It’s so easy to implement! It takes new designers roughly two to five days before they fully understand the software and can get started. On top of that new design teams can seamlessly be added to the design project you’re working on.

To guarantee the best quality

If you want to make software for shipbuilding there are key components that are very important. The digital data streams need to be consistent and reliant. Data is very important when it comes to shipbuilding. It is because of this that this software can cover all design disciplines. Designing the hull, structural outfitting, electrical, piping, etcetera has never been this easy. 

To make mastering this software a bit easier for you there are several webinars that you can take. You can find these on the website. Things that you will learn during these webinars are: how to create a block of a ship from scratch, the software’s full potential, how to eShare.

Why use CADMATIC? If you go for CADMATIC you go for quality! Did you know that more than 40% of the active commercial shipyards use their software? A testament to the quality of their products. Do you want to know more or discuss the possibilities? Get in contact through the form and they’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.