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North Branch deals with non-compliant vaping and e-cigarette businesses

The city council of the northern branch has taken action against two tobacco companies for violating city ordinances.

North Branch Police Chief Dan Meyer stated during the council meeting on June 22 that his department is having problems with Cloud X Vapes, a tobacco and e-cigarette store at 5842 Old Main St., Suite 1.

On January 13, 2019, William Shocinski, owner of the business, applied for a tobacco license, but the city refused.

“A background check on this application revealed that Shocinski had been convicted of a previous drug offense, which the city could use as a basis for denying the license,” Meyer said, adding that Shocinski’s friend Courtney James had filed another tobacco license application for the deal that the city approved on January 22, 2019. the best e liquids you will find online. 

License failed

In June 2019, the company failed a compliance check for selling tobacco products to minors. The North Branch Police Department provided educational materials to the company as part of the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Congratulate and Educate grant project. In August, it passed tobacco compliance.

In April 2020, the company did not comply with Governor Tim Walz’s COVID-19 Implementing Ordinance and received a warning from the police. The ministry quoted it for the third time on July 21, 2020 for violating the implementing regulations, Meyer said.

Between February and December 2020, police received eight complaints from individuals reporting that Cloud X Vapes was selling tobacco products to minors, Meyer said. Police met James virtually in early January 2021 to discuss the complaints. James stated that the company would retrain its employees. E cigarette mr-joy possible to find online.

After meeting with James, Meyer received an additional complaint, he said.

“I sent an email exchange about when we received this complaint,” said Meyer. “I haven’t heard from her. We received a second complaint and were able to investigate this in collaboration with one of the parents and determine that the business was indeed sold to a minor. “

So the police imposed an administrative fine of $ 200 under city ordinance, Meyer said. On May 7, the department conducted another tobacco compliance check and the Cloud X vapes failed and fined it $ 500.

“Our official who conducted the compliance check also found that the company does not have adequate signage to indicate that people under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter the store,” said Meyer. He stated that his department observed several minors in Cloud X Vapes during the compliance check.

License holder

“We notified the license holder … of the violation through a certified letter served on her on May 17th,” he said. “And she didn’t pay the fine. She didn’t get in touch with me either. We got a call today from someone asking about the fine and they told us they would post the check. You tried to pay by credit card but it didn’t work. So we hope they’ll pay the fine. “

“First of all, there is a story, as Councilor (Amanda) Darwin said, with Buffalo, with Forest Lake,” said North Branch Mayor Jim Swenson. “You finally paid the first one, you didn’t pay your next fine. You are not here tonight. So I don’t know what that means for companies. I want to support our companies and our communities, but I hear from the Council, from what each of us has, that we are not satisfied with the way this operation has gone. So and obviously it’s not a good thing to sell to underage children. “

The council unanimously approved Meyer’s motion to revoke the company’s tobacco license in 2021. Meyer also urged the council to consider extending the license for 2022.

E-cigarette guys

E-Cig Guys, another tobacco and e-cigarette company based at 6118 Main St., Suite B, failed a compliance check on July 24, 2020 because tobacco products were sold to minors, Meyer said. The deal was fined $ 200 and the clerk who sold to the minor was fined $ 100.

In Feb In 2021, police investigated a complaint from a local resident that the company was selling tobacco products to their underage daughter. So the department fined $ 500.

“During our investigation, we developed likely reasons to believe that the sale to minors took place,” Meyer said.

On May 7, the company failed another compliance review due to the same violation by the same employee, he added. The employee was fined $ 200 for the second violation in 12 months. Overall, the business violated the city ordinance three times.

“Our city ordinance provides that the city can permanently revoke the tobacco license within 12 months in the event of three violations,” said Meyer.

The license holder for and co-owner of E-Cig Guys, Josef Kranavek, was present during the council meeting. He assured the council that the offending employee no longer works for the company.

“With the store paying its fines and taking corrective action, I recommend that the city council not revoke the store’s tobacco license at this point,” suggested Meyer. “The police would continue to conduct tobacco compliance checks and document all complaints. If there were more problems in the business, I would bring our concerns back to the city council. “

Council meeting

Councilor Kelly Neider said she appreciated Kranavek for his presence during the council meeting.

“It shows initiative to possibly make some changes,” she said. “I agree that he can continue his business here at the North Office in accordance with Chief Meyer’s guidelines and under our ordinances, so I will file a motion to allow him to continue business.”

The council agreed to a motion to continue operating E-Cig Guys on the condition that they can revoke their tobacco license if they violate again.