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Juicing: A Beginner's Guide to Cleansing and Detoxing

Did you know that your body is a cleaning machine? Every day, it is constantly breaking down toxins and filtering out waste in order to function well. The problem is that many of us are leading less-than-ideal lifestyles these days, which means our bodies have to work even harder to stay clean and healthy. Unfortunately, this can lead to long-term negative effects on our health. However, there are a lot of ways we can help support our bodies by increasing the amount of nutrients we take in, as well as purging toxins on a regular basis. Juicing with a juice cleanse is one way you can do both at the same time — it’s also one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body from an overall health standpoint as well. Keep reading to learn more…

Why Is Juicing So Good for Your Body?

Juicing allows you to consume a large volume of vegetables and fruits in one sitting. Most people struggle to get the recommended amount of vegetables in their diet on a daily basis, let alone enough vegetables for the entire week. Juicing allows you to down a few glasses and instantly get your daily recommended intake of vegetables, not to mention the other nutrients that come with them. Juicing also allows you to drink any vegetables and fruits you want, regardless of whether or not you like them. Juicing allows you to remove the fibre from the vegetables and fruits, and then discard the fibre (you could also choose to leave it in). This means that all of the nutrients from the vegetables are extracted into the juice, making them easier to digest and absorb. This is great for those who have trouble digesting vegetables, as the process of juicing breaks the vegetables down into very small pieces that are much easier to digest.

What is Juice Cleansing?

A juice cleanse is the process of consuming only juices for an extended period of time in order to detoxify and cleanse the organs inside your body. Typically, a juice cleanse lasts anywhere between 1-10 days, depending on the person and their goals. Juice cleansing is very different from juicing. With juice cleansing, you are only consuming the juices and nothing else, while with juicing, you are drinking the juice along with a meal or snack. Juice cleansing is more extreme, and is done with the intention of resetting the body completely, whereas juicing is done to support your body with added nutrients and vitamins.

How to Juice Cleanse

The best way to do a juice cleanse is to gradually step into it. This means you should start with a vegetable-heavy juice for a few days, and then move on to just vegetable and fruit juices. From there, you can start to transition into a full-on juice cleanse. When doing a full-on juice cleanse, make sure you get enough liquids, electrolytes, and nutrients, especially proteins, as you will be cleaning the inside of your body out, and will therefore be losing a lot of blood and nutrients along the way. Visit the website of Sapje for more information.