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Cheaper Taxi from Schiphol Airport

Why go by own car, order a taxi to Schiphol

Take your own car or a taxi from Schiphol airport. How often do you hear that your car has disappeared when you get back from your wonderful holiday? There you are with your family, tired from the flight, on the car park for long term parking. Is your car broken into or even just completely disappeared. It all seemed so advantageous, if only you had chosen a taxi to Schiphol instead of your own car.

Parking and waiting

With your own car to Schiphol, park there and take a shuttle bus with a number of other unknown people to the departure halls. Before the shuttle went off, you had to wait for the other passengers, but okay, you knew that.

Waiting again when returning to Schiphol

After your wonderful holiday arrived at Schiphol, you first had to wait again for the other passengers before the shuttle bus took you back to your car at the parking lot. And then you arrive there, with your family, and your car is gone! What a bummer, your holiday feeling is gone immediately. Before you finally get home, many hours have passed, your family is totally exhausted and upset.

Why this frustration, take a taxi to Schiphol

Why would you seek out this frustration when there is a very nice alternative? Without tension, stress, despair and you name it. For the difference you don’t have to leave it, this choice certainly makes up for it. Order a Schipholtaxi, they will pick you up at the door and take you directly to the departure hall where you need to be. Without having to wait for other passengers. On arrival the taxi will be ready for you again and take you straight to your home. Again, you do not have to wait for other passengers. Great, isn’t it? After a long flight, which is often at night, you don’t have to drive yourself and you can enjoy your relaxing holiday.

Which choice to make, a Schipholtaxi or a Schipholtaxi bus?

For a large family or you have many suitcases, you cannot drive with 1 passenger car, so you will have to drive with 2 cars. Even more parking costs and 2 times the risk. That is not necessary at all. There are taxis that can take up to 8 people. Or you are with fewer people but you have a lot of luggage, it can all be taken in a large 8 person taxi bus. Wonderful, the taxi bus is parked in front of your door, everyone can get in and everything can go at once. When you arrive at Schiphol Airport, you step out in front of your own departure hall.

What a wonderfully relaxing start to your holiday, which begins the moment the taxi arrives at your door. Upon arrival the Schiphol taxi bus is at your disposal to take you home again. Look here for the trip Amsterdam Schiphol

Delayed arrival, no extra costs

Because you have already ordered a taxi for the return journey, you already know what time your flight will actually land. Suppose you have your car in long term parking and your flight has a big delay and you come back the next day or even later, then you have immediately more parking costs.

With a pre-ordered taxi, you do not have to worry about this at all. The taxi will be waiting for you when you come out of the arrival hall. The taxi bus will only be there when the flight has actually landed, so there are no extra costs involved. It is very reassuring to know that you will not have a headache and can rely on the taxi.  Reliable taxi and Schiphol taxi

Conclusion, order a Schiphol taxi

If you start calculating how much it costs to park your car, you will end up penniless. Add to that fuel and you have the full expense picture. If you calculate the rate for a Schiphol taxi, you will see that the costs are not that high and that the convenience is enormous.

So if you want to go on holiday in a relaxed way, order a Schiphol taxi, for the difference you don’t have to leave it.