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A Comprehensive Guide for Traveling around Sardinia for Tourists

Sardinia is practically one of the interesting and tourist-friendly locations across Italy. The island is known for various exciting things that range from its beautiful white beaches to historical monuments and down to caves and other exciting locations that pique the interest of its yearly overflowing visitors.

Generally, Sardinia is best known for its limpid turquoise sea and exquisite beaches across smaller villages on the island, but there are plenty of other fairly discovered tourist attractions on the island. It’s an island rich in entertainment and experiences that don’t only revolve around historical sites. Here’s a comprehensive guide when embarking on a Sardinia travel.

  1.       The Exciting Locations: When you’re making plans to visit Sardinia, please note that you’re about to embark on a journey rich with various experiences all within an island. If you’re not going to the temple of Monte d’ Accoddi or visiting the Asinara National park or other historical sites like Museo desk Corallo or the Archaeological Museum, there’s also the horseback tour of horseback and the festival of Sant’Efisio you can attend. This festival celebration begins around the 1st of May. Traveling to Sardinia around this time can be a full experience as there’s a lot to partake in.
  2.       Best Time to Visit Sardinia: Storms are usually prevalent in Sardinia and as a tourist, this could be the bane of any travel experience. So, the best time to travel to Sardinia is in the summer. The beautiful beaches of Sardinia are usually hot during this period, but if you’re looking for cooler places to be to, the mountains offer a cooler summer experience. As a tourist, Sardinia isn’t entirely favorable during Autumn because of the possibility of encountering storms. As noted on August 15, it’s the Italian public holiday known as Ferragosto as many hotels and travel destinations are not usually open on that day.
  3.       Where to Eat in Sardinia: The first thing a visitor realizes once they’re in any part of Italy is the food. The word for Italy is food and in Sardinia, you’d realize that one visit isn’t enough to capture the entire food experience. There are so much to eat and so many places to eat from. What you’re likely unable to find in this Italian village is an English menu. There’s the Pardulas, the traditional Sardinian sweet; perfect for breakfast though acceptable any other time of the day. There’s Fregula, a unique Sardinian pasta, there’s the Suppa Custa with stale bread as its key ingredient, and a variety of other sumptuous local dishes.
  4.       Where to Stay: A place to lay your head on after each day’s adventure is essential. And in Sardinia, there’s a handful of that. Ranging from the Forte Village resort to Hotel Cala di Volpe, Chia Laguna, and other smaller places like hostels, and Airbnb homes in Sardinia.

There’s practically a lot to do in Sardinia, from the locations to the festivals, foods, and other exciting experiences so much that one visit won’t cut it, especially for any first-time traveler.