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7 tasks that a sole proprietorship can safely outsource.

Lonely business owners put a lot of hats on their business. In the early days of my business, I was a content creator, graphic designer, technical support, marketer, accountant, lawyer and everyone else. Either way, he did not invest enough time or energy. If I want to be the best in everything, I must learn how self-employed can safely outsource. You have reached the point where his superhuman tendency to do anything hinders business growth and income.


If you absolutely do anything for your business, including as a freelancer, then it may be time to consider outsourcing to increase efficiency and sales. Outsourcing tasks are easy to start. Canva and PicMonkey.However, in the end, it may be wiser to hire an external graphics expert who is trained and proficient in graphic design. Free online options can help you create semi-professional looking images relatively quickly, but the functionality is far behind. What professionals use. I don’t have Photoshop, I only tried a few times, but failed completely in those few days. When I compared the quality of my work with that of professionals with the fact that I did it myself, I quickly realized how important it is to hire other people to do my graphics work. Save time and get better results. If I have heard of writing, it would be helpful to anyone.


As someone who writes on the side (this is how I started writing for Due), if I don’t include writing in this list, I will be negligent. . Some people are born with a gift for typing, while others spend hours improving their keyboard skills. Thinking that I have a combination of the two is not something many people take for granted.

If you do it forcibly, the quality will not be the best. It’s ok. Since I outsourced graphic design, others had to outsource it. As a freelance writer, I work with many clients in the finance, technology, and travel industries. Some writers specialize in almost all fields. I have a cousin who writes for the bowling league. If anyone can write an article about bowling, then there is one for you.


Website and application development To create a website and application, I must learn a new language.

Indeed, some of them. Basic knowledge of web design and development requires a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and Javascript to create complex interactions. Building a basic web application requires a combination of PHP, Python, SQL, or other web programming languages. This is not simple. Thanks WordPress. , Building a website is easier than ever. However, to go beyond basic knowledge, certain technical skills and knowledge are required. Don’t waste time, time and time for simple website customization. Hire someone who can do it in a few minutes and move on.

E-mail management

Not everyone is as fun as Strongbad reading e-mail… e-mails accept the timestamp of the business owner, but not necessarily you. Instead, the assistant can handle most incoming messages, while you only need to handle the most sensitive emails or financial emails. Although sharing email keys can be scary, it makes a lot of sense for businesses.

Social Media

I am busy with writing and have almost no time to write on social media, even though I know that social media is an important source of traffic and growth for my online business. In fact, about two months ago, I hired a professional virtual assistant. Provide help in social networks. So far, he has been taking photos for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and has been working to increase my fans and Pinterest traffic, which is obviously an untapped gold mine for many people. Twitter and Instagram accounts, but VA took over business accounts. So far so good!


Reach and marketing are the secret parts of SEO that many business owners overlook. Nonetheless, Equote.eu and their legion of supporters have demonstrated the importance of propaganda. This is the key to marketing and link building, and helps drive traffic to your website. Disclosure is the ideal job of VA. You can create templates for different scenarios, and all the assistant has to do is find a place to connect, connect and play. To get more revenue, please upload it to send bulk emails with one click. Two finance degrees and sufficient accounting courses can almost be called a double degree.