FIFA 18 is Super Famous in Japan

FIFA 18 came last year to the usual platforms and Nintendo Switch with its typical sports proposal. Although the version of the hybrid platform did not reach neither in quality nor in content to its older competitors, it did grant a remarkable port with specific elements for the console.

Their sales, without being known officially, do not come close to what PlayStation 4 has been able to achieve but in Japan this has not been like that: there, the Nintendo Switch version has sold 1.5 times more than the one that was launched for the desktop of Sony.

The last time it was seen in the lists, sales of the PlayStation 4 version, it was around 77,000 units sold; the Nintendo Switch version continues to sell and last week surpassed 117,000 copies of fifa 18 accounts.

Therefore, at least in Japan, the Nintendo Switch version has managed to be a success, which makes us wonder if there will be FIFA 19 for the platform this year and if they will expand the content to match the latest versions.

A success or a resounding victory for Nintendo?

We recently told you about the news that EA is satisfied with the sales of Nintendo Switch, however, we believe that who benefits more from this is Nintendo, since it means that there are more players who want to play on your console than in PS4.

A hard blow if we take into account that both Sony and Microsoft see the Nintendo consoles as family devices or for children. We assume that the industry will have to rethink that position, based on the facts.
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2 years ago